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For taking a proactive step towards your career by joining our masterclass, we’re presenting the “Graduate Job Navigator Blueprint” exclusively to you. This resource is tailored to assist you in pinpointing opportunities, connecting with the right channels, and understanding the nuances of the graduate job terrain. Your commitment to building a robust professional foundation is commendable, and we’re here to guide every step of your journey.

Conquering Roles Demanding 3 Years of Experience

Confronted with roles asking for experience right out of university? Uncover methods to frame your academic pursuits, internships, and other relevant experiences as strengths, making you a top contender even without years on the job.

Dispelling Graduate Job Search Myths

Believed you must have an impeccable GPA or that only the most prominent companies are suitable for graduates? We’re busting these misconceptions, guiding you towards a clearer, more realistic path to your first professional role.

Identifying the Right Early Career Recruitment Teams

Starting your career in the right environment is crucial. Learn how to pinpoint recruitment teams and firms that truly value and nurture graduate talent, providing a supportive foundation for your professional growth.

Graduate Triumphs

Navigating Early Career Hurdles Delve into motivating tales of graduates like you who overcame the unique challenges of the early job market, secured their ideal roles, and began their professional adventures on the right foot.

Hosted By Milo Sevelj One Of The Top Career Strategy Experts Today

Milo is an acclaimed career strategist, having advised talent acquisition processes at prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Tesla, and IBM, as well as organizations like the British Military.

His expertise in career guidance and recruitment strategies has been instrumental in helping companies navigate the challenge of finding the right talent amidst an ocean of applications.

As the founder of the platform How to job+, Milo has dedicated over 10 years to creating strategies that help job seekers stand out from the crowd. His insights have empowered thousands of students to overcome common job hunting challenges, such as being overlooked due to a lack of experience or simply getting lost in the shuffle of numerous applications.

Milo’s students have successfully transitioned into rewarding careers, breaking through barriers that seemed insurmountable. His students’ success stories include landing dream jobs, receiving competitive offers, and transitioning into new industries or roles.

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