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The Reality Check

Hunting for a Job as a Graduate is a Battle!

Are you exhausted from applying to countless jobs only to hear, “Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful…”?

The competition is brutal, with over 91 applications per graduate role on average, and some roles attracting as many as 182 applications​

Are you frustrated by the endless obstacles and complexities of the job search?

Let me show you a better way.

But first, let’s cover the Key Challenges for Graduate Jobseekers

Fierce Competition

The job market is saturated, with over 91 applications per graduate role on average, and some roles receiving as many as 182 applications​. This intense competition makes it difficult for graduates to stand out and secure their desired positions.

Lack of Experience

Many entry-level jobs still require some level of experience, creating a catch-22 situation for graduates. Without relevant work experience, it can be challenging to convince employers of their capabilities and potential.

Skills Mismatch

There is often a gap between the skills graduates possess and the skills employers seek. While academic qualifications are important, employers increasingly value soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, which may not be emphasized enough in academic settings​

Economic Uncertainty

Graduates are entering the workforce during a time of economic volatility, which can impact hiring practices and job availability. Factors such as economic downturns, industry disruptions, and changes in employment trends add layers of uncertainty to the job search process.

So what's the solution?

Well, it’s simple…. YOU!

Companies are increasingly interested in how your unique soft skills align with their future plans. As a graduate, your fresh perspectives and energy can be a perfect match for the right company. However, not all companies seek the same qualities.

For instance, Microsoft values communicators and team players who thrive in an innovative environment and prefer a hybrid work style. Conversely, Goldman Sachs looks for individuals with strong leadership abilities who excel in a hierarchical, traditional work setting.

Understanding these differences is key to finding the company that best suits your profile as a graduate.

What are components of a soft profile?

Soft Skills:

Companies value soft skills because they enhance collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability, essential for a productive work environment.

Company Culture Fit:

Aligning a candidate’s values with company culture leads to better job satisfaction, performance, and retention.


Knowing preferred workstyles helps place employees in roles where they can be most effective, whether in structured or flexible environments.

Measurable Metrics:

Measurable achievements show a candidate’s ability to perform and grow within a role, providing concrete evidence of their potential.

Some of our graduates mastered their soft profiles and networked their way into their dream roles.

Kaltrina concentrated on leveraging company culture to effectively generate interview opportunities.

Vaibhav has successfully secured a position at LSEG and has organized a meeting with an emphasis on understanding and discussing the company's culture.

"By focusing on company culture and utilizing techniques for international job search strategies from How to Job, I successfully secured a role at Bloomberg. The insights were invaluable in navigating and excelling in the global job market."

James successfully created multiple opportunities by specifically concentrating on the aspect of company culture.

"Using techniques from How to Job, I secured a sponsored role within the real estate industry. The guidance was instrumental in navigating the application process and achieving a position with excellent growth opportunities."

Vaibhav has successfully secured a position at LSEG and has organized a meeting with an emphasis on understanding and discussing the company's culture.

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4.98/5 (from 3,000+ students)