Structuring your Job Search as an International Jobseeker

Unlock the Potential of Dual Pathways in Your Job Search: A Strategic Guide for International Students

We Will Look at Both Pathways to Secure a Sponsored Job and how our students secure sponsorship roles


Some of our successful students who adopted our philosophy

Vaibhav landed an account manager position using the breach methodology and successfully secured an internal role within the organization.

Lakshmi secured a research analyst position at Bloomberg using our unique three towers methodology to achieve her career aspirations.

Akshay leveraged our Trojan Horse methodology to successfully land an investment banking role, showcasing strategic application and determination.

Srinath crafted his position in private equity, tailoring a unique strategy that matched his profile perfectly.

Qiyang landed a position at Redington, an investment bank renowned for its emphasis on culture, showcasing his alignment and prowess.

Eleni, through dedicated networking, smoothly transitioned to a Trader role at an investment brokerage, demonstrating strategic navigation and ambition.

Nestoras landed a Digital Wealth Manager role at Moneyfarm by emphasizing culture and soft skills, showcasing his insightful approach and adaptability.

Geethu secured a position at Aviva and obtained sponsorship through networking, employing the breach technique effectively.

Tolu impressively secured multiple job offers for analyst positions in the competitive market.

Aditya utilized Rook to engage with entry-level employees at his target firm, effectively leveraging these interactions to secure an interview.

Kate implemented a strategic plan to ensure her professional value was effectively and clearly articulated to all.

Jagruthi secured a position using advanced tier 2 strategies, achieving success in just a few weeks.

Sarika initiated strategic informational interviews, effectively securing a role with sponsorship, demonstrating proactive networking.

Saahill refined his entire strategy, successfully securing multiple job offers and ultimately accepting a position at Jaguar Land Rover.

Pedro, through a tailored approach, successfully garnered multiple job offers, showcasing strategic planning.

Eric secured an investment banking position at a private family office through strategic dialogues with decision-makers.

Why as an international applicant you need a plan and what we will focus on to help you with both pathways, we will go into detail about...

Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market represents up to 80% of all job opportunities, accessible exclusively through recommendations or personal introductions, revealing the power of networking in uncovering these unseen roles.

4 Horsemen of Job Hunting

The "Four Horsemen" of job hunting encapsulate the core challenges faced while searching for roles. These pivotal issues will be thoroughly explored in our free training, offering in-depth insights and strategies.

LinkedIn Algorithm Score

LinkedIn's algorithm can significantly impact your job search, making it either smooth or challenging. In our session, we'll delve into ethical strategies to navigate and leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to your advantage.


In today's competitive job market, neglecting to network significantly lowers your odds of finding any job, let alone your dream position. Our training will dive deeper into effective strategies and provide guidance on how to start building valuable connections.

Job Search Strategy

Without a clear plan, you're setting yourself up for failure. In our free training, we'll examine successful strategies employed by students to navigate their career paths effectively, offering you a blueprint for success.

Tier System

Our job search strategy is built on three essential layers. In this training, we'll delve into each layer in detail, showing you how to leverage them to land your dream job. By utilizing all three, you increase your chances of not only securing multiple offers but also ensuring they align with your career aspirations.

Free Job Report and Career Consultation

Some of How to job PLUS's successful students

James successfully created multiple opportunities by specifically concentrating on the aspect of company culture.

Kaltrina concentrated on leveraging company culture to effectively generate interview opportunities.

Vaibhav has successfully secured a position at LSEG and has organized a meeting with an emphasis on understanding and discussing the company's culture.

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